Shared Masternodes

Our masternodes are divided into seats which can be reserved to gain rewards.

Turnkey Masternodes

Our masternodes are already up-and-running. You can use them instantly.


You can reserve our masternodes with Bitcoin. You will also get rewards in Bitcoin.

Turnkey masternodes

At NodeSilo we believe in masternodes because they provide new opportunities and make cryptocurrencies more decentralized. We understand that masternode deployment can be quite difficult (trading, hosting etc.). That’s why we aim to make it much easier.

We will help investors that don’t have the time or the skill to trade, create and deploy their own (shared) masternodes. We will do the trading and hosting for them. We offer Turnkey (shared) masternodes that are Bitcoin-easy. You only need Bitcoin (BTC). Masternode seats can be bought with Bitcoin and blockrewards will also be paid out in Bitcoin, directly in your own secure wallet on a weekly basis.

Instant data transfer
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Scalable blocks
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Smart layer technology
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Project timeline

We are a company with vibrant past and the well thought-out plan to build the bright future.

The idea and concept

February 2018 – the idea of the project is born.

Functional design

August 2018 – functional design of the platform has been finished

MVP launch

Q3 2019 – minimum viable product will be presented

Global beta testing

Q3 2019 – worldwide beta access will be open for general public.

Our team

Enthusiasts and professionals working every day to make blockchain industry better.

Founder & Technical Lead

Reinier Kors

Reinier is a Software Engineer with 6 years of professional experience. His first purchase of Bitcoins was in 2016 and started building a full service crypto marketplace.

Founder & Trading Lead

Joep Janssen

Joep has 10 years of professional online marketing experience, and is one of the three founders of Nodesilo. Joep is a crypto enthusiast and believes in Masternodes.

Founder & Marketing Lead

Tammo Peters

Tammo has a background in engineering and marketing. He believes that nodes like masternodes and validation nodes play a vital role in decentralizing blockchain projects.

Delivered by our team – world’s first bitcoin-easy masternode platform.