Step 1: Create an account

Before you can use our services, an account registration is needed.

To register an account at Nodesilo, only your name and e-mail address are required. Please use an existing email adres, and use a safe password. Make sure to activitate your account using the email you received!

Step 2: Send Bitcoin to your wallet

To buy (shared) Masternodes funding is required! At Nodesilo all you need is to do send Bitcoin to your Nodesilo wallet. You can use this Bitcoin to invest in the Masternodes that you like.

In your account we will provide you with a Bitcoin wallet. You will need to send Bitcoin to this wallet before you can aquire Masternode seats.

We do not charge any transaction fee for sending Bitcoin to your NodeSilo Bitcoin wallet.

Step 3: Choose a Masternode

With the Bitcoin in your Nodesilo wallet you can now acquire Masternode seats. In the Home screen in your account you see an overview of the current shared Masternode seats. You can use the button below the Masternode to select the Masternode and buy your seats!

Shared Masternodes

Our masternodes are divided into seats which can be reserved to gain rewards.

Turnkey Masternodes

Our masternodes are already up-and-running. You can use them instantly.


You can reserve our masternodes with Bitcoin. You will also get rewards in Bitcoin.